Do you know what is flexo press program control?

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Do you know what is flexo press program control?

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we can clearly find that with the continuous development of the industry and the continuous exchange of technologies, the current flexo printing equipment has entered a stage of micro-innovation.

Judging from the equipment currently on the market, it is not difficult to find that the mechanical design ideas of various flexo printing machines have basically converged, and the design language of flexo printing machines has become more and more mature.

This physical similarity provides more possibilities for everyone when choosing products, but it also brings a lot of confusion. After all, not everyone is a mechanical expert and can specifically understand all the design details.

If the machine is the flesh and blood of the device, then the program is its soul, and its importance is self-evident. In short, the program control part of the flexo printing machine can be roughly divided into two parts: logic control and motion control.

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Re: Do you know what is flexo press program control?

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The program control part of the flexo printing machine
Logic control of flexo printing machine: To ensure the basic control process of the equipment, in simple terms, it is to determine when to perform what action, to judge whether the action is in place, etc.

Specifically, we need to establish a state machine of equipment control logic to clarify the execution sequence of actions, such as when to start, when to stop, and the timing of clutch pressure.

Motion control of flexo printing machine: ensure that each motor of the equipment moves according to the established process. At present, servo control technology (including frequency converter) has been widely used in flexographic equipment, which is mainly due to its high control accuracy and fast response speed.

The motion control part of the flexo printing machine is mainly aimed at the control of various motors. It involves a wide range of aspects, such as:

l Matching degree of motor characteristics and equipment: Although everyone talks about servo, but few people know about it. There are many different models of servo (just like car engines are also divided into sizes).

Common characteristics are: rated speed, rated torque, rated inertia, etc. These characteristics will directly affect the performance of the equipment.

flexo printing machine

Taking the motor inertia as an example, we should consider the inertia ratio when selecting the motor. This inertia ratio can be 1:5, 1:8, 1:10 or even higher. Generally speaking, the higher the ratio is, the more it will affect the high speed and Stability during shifting, for example, may be manifested by increased regulation fluctuations at high speeds.

The calculation of the inertia ratio also involves the influence of material characteristics (type, thickness, width, etc.), design speed, reducer selection, etc., which has caused a phenomenon that two machines of the same size, the size of the motor may be different.

Of course, this does not mean that the bigger the motor, the better. The key issue is matching.

l Motor adjustment: The motor is not ready for use after installation, but also needs to be adjusted (it can be understood as adjusting the matching degree between the driver and the motor).

In addition to the basic parameters (sampling frequency of the drive, motion mode selection, etc.), we most often adjust the three-loop parameters of the motor—position loop, speed loop, and current loop.

The same motor can be tuned by different people, and the results may be different. Well adjusted, the motor can run smoothly under various speeds and loads;

If the adjustment is not good, the characteristics may be too soft or too hard. If it is too soft, the motion error will be large and the correction speed will be slow; if it is too hard, the motor will vibrate (whistle), which will affect the accuracy in light, and damage the motor in severe cases.

According to experience, the continuous instantaneous angle fluctuation of the motor should reach an accuracy of about 0.00X degrees on the load side of the motor, which can ensure that the effect of the registration error caused by the motor transmission part is about 1-2 wires, thereby ensuring the registration accuracy of the whole machine.

l Movement part: At this point, the motor can already be run on the machine. At this point, consider how the program will control the motor movement.

This may include: the synchronization method of the motor, whether to use electronic gear or electronic cam; program acceleration and deceleration and motor acceleration and deceleration, as well as the matching of the two; when the color registration correction signal is triggered, the motor phase correction strategy, etc. Each item may affect device performance.

Flexo printing machine electromechanical test phase
After we finish the writing and adjustment of the above-mentioned logic control and motion control of the flexo printing machine, we can start running in theory. At this time, we enter the flexo printing electromechanical testing stage that makes the programmer tremble. Thanks to the famous saying: A program without bugs is not a good program.

We need to ensure that the logical action of the flexo printing machine is correct, the air circuit connection of the machine, and the motor steering are correct. After that, start the paper running test. During the process, ensure that the tension is stable and the motor characteristics are stable. Finally, the printing test can be carried out to ensure the printing quality, and the in-plant test can be completed.

During the period, there will inevitably be many revisions and adjustments. If you are "lucky" enough, you can also meet the "nightmare" of all the electric control personnel - on-site interference.

Flexo printing machine on-site interference
Field disturbances are usually extremely random, difficult to capture and difficult to analyze. There are probably several types of weapons you can use at this time - bushings, magnetic rings, capacitors, voltage stabilizers, static eliminators, higher-level accessories, program filters, etc.

flexo printing machine

Since each field working condition is different, the experience and level of the engineer are very tested at this time. Among them, the filtering is related to the program. According to different situations, there are different filtering algorithms to choose from, such as limiting filtering, duration filtering, arithmetic average filtering, weighted average filtering, and moving average filtering.

Guaranteed to have a love-hate relationship with each one.

At this point, when you think that everything is fine and you are in high spirits, and you feel that you have made a small contribution to the growth of the country's GDP, the requirement to add customized functions has quietly appeared in the work report of the sales staff.

Due to the operating habits of different captains, it is often the case that functions are required to be added or modified after the equipment has been installed and operated for a period of time.

Usually, there may be: requirements to increase the localized language of the equipment, modify the control logic, beautify the operation interface, change the captain, remote retraining, etc. (the kind of training that is not paid in the middle of the night!);

The content of this article may be unfamiliar to most flexo printing practitioners, but the article is worth reading carefully. After reading it, everyone will have a little idea of the depth of program control, and understand that the quality of the flexo printing machine is not only a hardware problem. , The software technology can also have a big gap!

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